State accessibility standard

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 1:15 – 2:00 p.m.
Location: Leadership Auditorium, second floor

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This session will cover the State of Missouri Information and Communication Technology Standard:

  • How it relates to the federal standards
  • The history of how the standard was developed
  • How it applies to entities within the state, especially higher education
  • The scope of the standard, as in the technologies that it applies to

You’ll also learn more about the accessibility resources provided by the state.

Please note: We have a last minute change in speakers for this presentation. David Baker will be replacing Eileen Belton.


David Baker

Director, Missouri Assistive Technology

David Baker has over 20 years of experience in the field of assistive technology. He is currently the director of Missouri Assistive Technology. David has held a variety of positions that have seen him involved in all facets of assistive technology including training, program development and program management. He co-authored the nationally recognized “Text-to-Speech and Accessible Instructional Materials” implantation guide and has presented widely on both a state and national level. His areas of expertise include assistive technology in educational settings, accessible educational materials and assistive technology in employment settings. He is well versed in all device categories, with an emphasis on device implementation and use.

Kevin Lanahan

Web developer, Missouri Department of Conservation

@kevinlanahan LinkedIn

Kevin Lanahan is a web developer for the Missouri Department of Conservation for 13 years, and he has been building websites for the state of Missouri since 1996. He became interested in accessibility when Missouri adopted the Federal 508 standards and has been encouraging web accessibility ever since.

Lainie Strange

Senior web developer/QA/state web accessibility coordinator, State of Missouri Information Technology Services Division

@r_tstik LinkedIn

Lainie Strange is a web developer/web accessibility coordinator for the State of Missouri Information Technology Services Division (ITSD). Her job includes technical web support for both the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Higher Education websites. Early on in her IT career, she became involved in state web accessibility collaboration efforts across various agency web teams. After becoming familiar with JAWS screen reader through Missouri Assistive Technology and expanding her knowledge of web accessibility techniques and law, she evolved into the web accessibility go-to person on the ITSD web team. Last year, she worked with Missouri Assistive Technology to update the state’s web accessibility standards as well as helped to develop the state’s information and communication technology accessibility resource site. Her position involves web accessibility testing, technical support and education.